About J-Card Template

Some information about this application.


J-Card Template is a web application that allows one to create a cassette tape J-card straight from the browser without mangling with Word documents. Simply edit the form below the real-time card preview, then print the page when finished. It is recommended to double-check the printout in a print preview.

A J-card--also known as an inlay card--is a foldout paper that tucks inside a cassette tape compartment ("Norelco box") containing track listings, artwork, credits, messages, and more. Its shape usually resembles the letter J; some extends to both sides of the compartment, resembling the letter U instead.

J-cards made with the [^original version] can be recreated here without deviations; our metrics are (now) identical.


For use on the front cover.

Any image file supported by your browser can be used as a cover image. There are virtually no limitations otherwise. Do note that they can not be saved with your J-card data file due to a limitation of the web platform: your files can not be accessed with their paths; they can only be manually provided by you.

Cover images are cropped to the following aspect ratios:


Dynamicize your J-cards by changing its typography.

Any font supported by your browser can be used. There is no internal way to list the fonts available to your browser, though you may retrieve such a list by digging through its settings page.For your browser's defaults, use serif, sans-serif, or monospace.

If fonts are not changing, you may want to consider the following:


Preserve your J-card into a file!

Notice your typos only after closing the application? It's rather tedious to make the J-card all over again. So a feature added from the original is the ability to save and load your J-card into a human-readable file, minus its cover image.

Saved J-cards usually bears the .jcard.json filename extension. If you are to open one with a text editor, it is highly recommend that you run it through a JSON formatter.